martes, 25 de enero de 2011

Tabasco is a wonderful state climates that are presented in four parts folk, where regional customs and traditions have shaped the personality of the village, which has manifested itself in its cuisine, its rituals, music and of course the custom in regional clothing. 

In general, the atmosphere is half Tabasco tropical climate, warm, one of the important factors that influenced significantly and that gave rise to the locker room Tabasco representative of the region known today, and even more that has evolved some elements for the implementation stage.


Widely known statewide, nationally and internationally, is located north of this town's Colonia Tres de Mayo, a major tourist and industrial center, specializing in the manufacture and sale of handmade ceramics, is considered significant as the most important center ceramic handicrafts producer within the State of Morelos, regardless of the variety of tourist services offered.

In this community are handicrafts ranging from ceramics to resin, porcelain, clay, plaster craft, glass, wicker, wrought iron craft, blanket, and many more crafts.

The aim is to encourage innovation and efficient production in the sector while respecting the identity in order to increase the marketability and competitiveness of craft products.

Our tool is called artform: A training aimed at improving the quality and design of craft products to suit the needs and demands of national and international markets without losing sight of the essential elements of their traditional origin.

some products ofrese tabasco

My white butterflies painted on ceramic dolls Tabasco:

1. Frames: 15 cm high x 12 base: floral picture frame on doll ideal to place personal photo, the doll is painted green with excellent play of light and shadow that blend perfectly with its yellow flowers, is an original figure can serve to place special photos $ 175

2. Martita extended skirt 18 cm high x 15 wide, has a perfect definition in faces and eyes and a large strip detail blouse and skirt especially in where it does not leak any details to the flowers with white petals and yellow the way the colors of the shawl and blouse, $ 150

3. Tabasco with pitcher: 24cm high background X18cm and 14 cm base: bulky figure with a woman kneeling in a large lime green skirt folds perfectly defined and shadow play across the figure highlights the delicacy of her face to face and well defined in his eyes, his hair very well shaped large and especially the use of cloth of gold in the pitcher to give it that aged look, this is a figure full of details, $ 350

4. Drummer: 28cm Fonfara Altox 20 cm and 16 cm long: colored with colors of copper give a metallic appearance with well-contoured wooden drums, in addition to defining the perfect shade, $ 390


images of some of the artisans creasiones Tabasco

Integrantes del equipo

Amparo del rosario bautista López

Guadalupe del rosario moreno Pérez

Clarisa del Carmen López que

Omar yoel Giménez

María José Giménez